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15 Minute Retreat Q&A

All the information you need to take the next steps.

  • 15 min
  • Free
  • Online Zoom

Service Description

At RISE Collective, we're much more than a typical psychedelic retreat. We are acutely aware of the immense trust placed in us by our participants, and we hold that trust in the highest regard. Our offerings have been honed over six years of team operations, deeply rooted in decades of rich, diverse experiences. Our success is built upon three key pillars that guide our psychedelic therapies and retreats: Preparation before each session; the Experience itself, facilitated in a safe, supportive setting; and thoughtful Integration after each session. Our programs are carefully crafted, recognizing the sensitive nature of our work. We're not only here for those seeking exploration and healing but also for individuals who've had challenging psychedelic experiences and are in need of long-term support for integration. Our approach places a strong emphasis on harm reduction and risk mitigation, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your mental and spiritual well-being. This strategy safeguards both you, the participant, and our therapists, enabling them to deliver exceptional care while ensuring everyone is at their very best. Each session takes place in an ideal location with high-quality hospitality at it's core. With us, you're not engaging with industry newcomers; you're connecting with a team of seasoned professionals. We have extensive experience in drug development, research, policy, and reform, combined with over 20 years of practical knowledge of psychedelics in recreational, therapeutic, and clinical settings. For more details about our retreat partners offerings please visit the RISE collective website.

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